Announcing Electra’s 2021 Employee Excellence of the Year Award

As we enter the third quarter of 2022, we’re reflecting on our team’s significant accomplishments in 2021. One that deserves considerable recognition is Electra’s annual Employee of the Year Award, which recognizes those who showcase excellence, professionalism, leadership, team spirit, flexibility, and reliability.

After rising to the challenge, demonstrating outstanding work, and helping Hellman Electric excel from great to exceptional, we’re proud to announce that John Kreckel, Senior Project Manager at Hellman, was awarded the 2021 Electra Excellence Employee of the Year Award. 

John has been with Hellman Electric for seven years and has demonstrated his excellence on multiple occasions due to his experience managing multiple high valued projects simultaneously while increasing profitability. 

John was chosen because of his outstanding work on the 345 Adams Street, Brooklyn project. This project required the relocation of various NYC agencies, including the associated safety, electronics, security, lighting, power, communications, and backup generation for the building. The value of this project exceeded 20 million dollars and required a detailed manager to oversee the daily operations to meet a 12-month build cycle. Due to John’s experience working in the field and within his current management role, he completed the project on time and within budget, even with the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic presented. 

While 2021 held many challenges, John continuously demonstrated his ability to manage, guide, and mentor other managers and employees in the office and in the field. Because of this, he has earned the admiration and respect of both subordinates and superiors alike, making us honored to have him a part of our team here at Hellman.

Congratulations again, John!