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Hellman Electric Promotes John Santucci to Vice President of Datacom Operations

NEW YORK — July 13, 2023Hellman Electric LLC, an Electra USA company and leader in extensive fiber infrastructure and wireless construction in the New York metro region, has announced the promotion of John Santucci, Director of Fiber Operations, to Vice President of Datacom Operations for Hellman Electric Datacom. The new position will have Santucci overseeing the Datacom operations of the company, ultimately helping Hellman Electric Datacom achieve its goals for growth by expanding its capabilities throughout the tri-state area.

In addition to overseeing the deployment of fiber, Santucci will also lend his expertise to the company’s wireless deployment operations. With several projects on the horizon, he is eager to lead the charge in expanding the company’s service offerings and taking it to new heights.

“We’re thrilled Santucci will be taking a more prominent role in the growth and development of Hellman Electric Datacom,” said Thomas Caruso, President of Hellman Electric Datacom Affiliate. “His experience and skills will be crucial in expanding our reach into new markets and achieving further success for not only the company but the success of our current and future customers.”

Hellman Electric Datacom specializes in design-build solutions for all aspects of the Datacom industry, including colocation facility build-outs, full turnkey wireless deployment, data center design and construction, and the build and maintenance of carrier backbone and local loop fiber networks.

For more information about Hellman Electric, visit www.hellmanelectric.com.

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About Hellman Electric

Hellman Electric is a full-service electrical contractor of turnkey solutions for heavy construction, interiors and core & shell, and datacom projects. A hands-on, client-focused firm that exudes speed, flexibility and responsiveness, Hellman Electric offers a cradle-to-grave approach covering design, implementation, construction and project management. As an award-winning leader in the electrical construction industry and a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local Union 3, the firm combines the best talent in the industry, the highest safety standards, the latest technology and a track record of innovation. Hellman Electric is a longstanding staple of the New York metropolitan region, boasting more than 100 years of complex electrical installations. To learn more, visit www.hellmanelectric.com and follow Hellman Electric on Instagram @HellmanElectric and LinkedIn.


Unlocking Your Business’ Potential with In-Building Wireless

In a world where we use our smartphones for almost everything — from communicating with others to navigating foreign cities and managing our work calendars — having reliable access to data and service is essential. That’s why it’s no surprise that in-building wireless solutions (or IBW for short) are quickly becoming popular as businesses and organizations look for ways to ensure their employees, visitors, and customers get the best indoor connection. But what exactly is in-building wireless, and how can Hellman Electric help you install this must-have solution? Keep reading to learn more!

In-building wireless or distributed antenna systems (more commonly known as “DAS”) are revolutionizing communication by providing uninterrupted, high-speed wireless connectivity in buildings. Businesses and individuals find this technology instrumental in buildings where conventional wireless signals cannot penetrate, such as basements and high-rise buildings (hello NYC). This is because without an in-building wireless system, dropped calls and disruptions are inevitable — regardless of the carrier or device you’re using.


How does IBW work? 

Much like your building’s Wi-Fi, an in-building wireless system distributes an existing signal throughout the site to ensure every corner has access to a robust and reliable connection, bringing enhanced cellular connectivity to isolated spots or lousy coverage areas. No matter your carrier, the signal from their closest cell tower has to reach every part of your building, and unfortunately, many building materials (think e-glass, dense concrete, and fluffy insulation) naturally reject cell signals. This is why most in-building wireless systems are professionally designed, engineered, modified, and installed to the precise specifications of a building — making this solution desirable for businesses looking for a long-term and reliable solution. 


What are the benefits?

Investing in DAS wireless and other coverage solutions can provide numerous advantages beyond improving cellular service. If you’re a building owner, installing strong indoor service can increase your property’s value significantly. Tenants expect good service and are often willing to pay more for it, so providing reliable cellular coverage could add a quarter to a third of the value to your building. In addition to this financial benefit, staying ahead of the curve with modern technology puts you in a favorable position regarding regulations and taxes. By taking action now, you can avoid any troublesome fees that will surely come as technology progresses. So not only will you be improving your building, but you’ll also be setting yourself up for success in the long run.


How do I know my business needs IBW?

To decide if it’s time for your building to consider in-building wireless, we invite you to ask yourself the following questions:

  • When I am inside, do I have problems with dropped calls or lost connections, poor call audio quality, or texts, emails, and voicemails that show up in my inbox hours after they were sent?
  • When I go outside, do the problems identified above disappear? Is it easier to keep connections or complete calls?
  • Does the audio quality of my calls improve? Can I download files to my phone faster outside than indoors?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, or are experiencing dropped calls, slow data, and low bars with your cell coverage in your office building, corporate high-rise, school, hospital, airport, and other commercial location in or around NYC, consider contacting our team of experts today to learn how we provide you with a cost-effective solution.


Overcome Complex Construction Projects with the Right Electrical Construction Contractor

Choosing an electrical construction contractor isn’t as simple as opening the phone book or searching Google for the best one in your area. Due to complex construction projects, strict budgets, demanding schedules, and compliance regulations, choosing an electrical construction contractor shouldn’t be a lackadaisical decision. To ensure your next installation is nothing short of 5-stars, here are four things you should consider when selecting your next electrical contractor. 

Do Your Research

With so much information available at our fingertips, it can be tempting to read the online reviews of a company or business and make your decision based on that. However, it is essential to keep in mind that not all online reviews are reliable or authentic. Therefore, do the due diligence when conducting market research to find the right and trustworthy information. Compare the companies you have short-listed by visiting their website to better understand their services and history

Check their Experience

No one wants to put the reins of their project into the hands of a contractor who does not have enough experience and skills in the industry. This rings especially true when it’s as complicated and complex as heavy construction and interior and core & shell construction. So, narrow down a list of potential options and check their experience by requesting their portfolio or looking at the projects listed on their website. You will feel confident selecting the right contractor for your installation when seeing the results of completed projects similar to yours. 

Inspect their Versatility

When hiring the right contractor for your project, whether heavy construction, datacom, or interior and core & shell, you will want to consider how versatile they are

  • Are they a one-stop shop? 
  • Will you be able to design your build solutions individually, bundled, or on a turn-key basis?
  • Will you need to hire multiple contractors?
  • How will that affect your budget?

Get Multiple Bids

Going with the lowest bid can be tempting, however, this is not always the best approach. Getting multiple bids to compare the price and contractor’s qualifications, experience, and reputation is important. By conducting effective and timely research, you can ensure that you find a qualified contractor who will not only do the job correctly but on time and at cost.

Whether you are looking to expand your fiber routes or create a robust infrastructure that will stand the test of time, hiring the right electrical contractor for your build is one of the most critical decisions to determine its success. To talk to one of our design experts to find out if we’re the right fit for your project, [email protected]