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Overcoming the Obstacles of Small Cell Construction

Overcoming the Obstacles of Small Cell Construction

Small cell construction is a crucial part of next-gen connectivity as the world becomes more and more digital. With the rollout of 5G, small cells are an integral aspect of keeping communities connected and ensuring total connectivity. The vast majority of Americans own a smartphone and not having total connectivity is no longer an option. Small cell towers can easily bridge the gap and be a huge help in rolling out 5G across the country.

Finding the mid-ground between the technical and aesthetic requirements and keeping future technologies top-of-mind will be a challenge. As a company in the wireless construction industry, we know all too well the issues that can come up (and have even experienced them in real time) right in our own backyards of New York City.Check out this article in AGL Magazine by our own Tom Caruso, Vice President Operations DataCom Division, where he breaks down what the obstacles of small cell construction are and how to overcome them.

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This design thinking also applies to building better homes for you and the environment. Our response was to apply advanced technology to design and build highly personalized. TheBuilt’s work includes commercial and retail banking projects, financial and investment facilities, corporate interiors.

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