Emergency Power Repair

  • Emergency Power Repair
  • Emergency Power Repair


Due to a storm which damaged the Ocean Village Switchgear House, Hellman Electric responded within 24 hours and provided, maintained, and scheduled an every 8 hour fueling for (5) 500kW & (2) 250kW Generators in order to provide temporary power to the 9 Buildings affected. In oder to restore permanent power we Repaired the damaged 15kV feeders, dismantled & rehabilitated the existing damaged double ended 15kV Switchgear. Prior to the system initiation we Meg Ohm & Hi-Pot tested the 15kV Switchgear, over 5,000 circuit foot 15kV feeder system, (13) 15kV – 120/208V building transformers, and each buildings electrical distribution systems.

Client: Ocean Village

Location: Ocean Village NY 11692

Value: $1,245,828.98

Completed date: 8/1/10

Category: Heavy Construction