Electra Times, Featuring Hellman Electric

The Electra Group released its September 2020 edition of the Electra Times and Hellman Electric is honored to have Carlos Casal, our Senior VP, featured as a representative for the company.

In 2018, Electra USA, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Electra Group (TASE: ELTR), invested in Hellman Electric, allowing Hellman to continue its aggressive growth and diversification strategy. 

Located in 17 countries across four continents, Electra views itself as a customer-oriented company, with customer satisfaction its foremost priority, making its partnership with Hellman a perfect fit. Hellman’s established customer base and expertise in the New York market provided Electra the ability to continue to strengthen and expand its offerings to U.S. customers in the mechanical field. 

In this latest issue, the Electra Times highlights the accomplishments of its company at large, the progress it has made in 2020 and how it has managed to maintain operations globally while dealing with the pandemic that impacted several of its locations, including New York, the homebase for Hellman Electric. 

The magazine also features four Electra ambassadors who discuss their business perspectives from their respective countries. Hellman’s Carlos Casal was selected as the American representative alongside individuals from Nigeria, Poland and Israel.

Carlos, who first joined Hellman Electric as an intern nearly 23 years ago, is now the Senior Vice President of Project Management and oversees the Heavy Construction division. In part of the interview, Carlos shares his views on how culture and diversity in America plays a significant role in the country’s growth. 

“The ancestral diversity of the American people makes this a beautifully unique country. Although we are a relatively young nation, we have embraced the values of multiple cultures from around the world to help shape our society and way of life. The foundation of our culture is rooted in the blood, sweat and tears of hard-working families that aspire to improve the quality of life of their children and future generations,” said Carlos.

Carlos also touches upon the pride he has working for the company, his favorite holiday here in America and the importance of building strong relationships in order to succeed.

The Ambassador profile also includes thoughts from Tumbari Akumbe, a Team Leader at Etco Nigeria, Daniel Seta, a Project Manager at Electra M&E Poland, and Yarden Tovim, an Implementation Engineer at Electra Construction.

Read more of Carlos’ interview as well as learn more about the worldwide efforts of the Electra Group here.