Overcoming the Obstacles of Small Cell Construction

Overcoming the Obstacles of Small Cell Construction

Small cell construction is a crucial part of next-gen connectivity as the world becomes more and more digital. With the rollout of 5G, small cells are an integral aspect of keeping communities connected and ensuring total connectivity. The vast majority of Americans own a smartphone and not having total connectivity is no longer an option. Small cell towers can easily bridge the gap and be a huge help in rolling out 5G across the country.

Finding the mid-ground between the technical and aesthetic requirements and keeping future technologies top-of-mind will be a challenge. As a company in the wireless construction industry, we know all too well the issues that can come up (and have even experienced them in real time) right in our own backyards of New York City.Check out this article in AGL Magazine by our own Tom Caruso, Vice President Operations DataCom Division, where he breaks down what the obstacles of small cell construction are and how to overcome them.

2020 Employee of the Year

The 2020 Electra Employee of the Year Award Goes To…

Each year, Electra recognizes an outstanding worker for their annual Electra Employee of the Year Award. The award recognizes those who showcase excellence, professionalism, leadership, team spirit, flexibility, and reliability.

This year, we proudly nominated team member Thomas Ginnane, General Foreman, for the 2020 Electra Employee of the Year Award and he won!

Tom has been with Hellman Electric for 16 years, and during that time we have seen first-hand his work ethic and attention to detail. This not only makes him the perfect winner for this award, but an incredible asset of the Hellman Electric team.

As part of his role, he has utilized his leadership and excellence as a field operations manager for the Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) Bridge Design/Build Security project for our field team.

RFK is constructed of three separate bridge structures, including a-mile-long elevated roadway that connects the boroughs of Queens, The Bronx, and Manhattan through Wards and Randalls Islands. It is unlike any other facility in New York City and we knew that we needed a leader to effectively manage the team, navigate the systems, and effectively oversee all production on the project; Tom was an easy pick.

More than a skilled electrician, it was Tom’s leadership that took this project to the next level. His ability to balance Hellman’s objectives, the demanding expectations of the client, and maintaining the high level of standards of his IBEW Local (Local Union #3) is what makes Tom so widely respected – not only by his field team and Hellman Electric as a whole, but to our customers as well.

2020 was a challenging year in history, but Hellman Electric was and is lucky to have Tom on our side. Between his strength of character, leadership, and hard work, to say we chose the right person for the job would be an understatement.

Congratulations, Tom!


Electra Times, Featuring Hellman Electric

The Electra Group released its September 2020 edition of the Electra Times and Hellman Electric is honored to have Carlos Casal, our Senior VP, featured as a representative for the company.

In 2018, Electra USA, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Electra Group (TASE: ELTR), invested in Hellman Electric, allowing Hellman to continue its aggressive growth and diversification strategy. 

Located in 17 countries across four continents, Electra views itself as a customer-oriented company, with customer satisfaction its foremost priority, making its partnership with Hellman a perfect fit. Hellman’s established customer base and expertise in the New York market provided Electra the ability to continue to strengthen and expand its offerings to U.S. customers in the mechanical field. 

In this latest issue, the Electra Times highlights the accomplishments of its company at large, the progress it has made in 2020 and how it has managed to maintain operations globally while dealing with the pandemic that impacted several of its locations, including New York, the homebase for Hellman Electric. 

The magazine also features four Electra ambassadors who discuss their business perspectives from their respective countries. Hellman’s Carlos Casal was selected as the American representative alongside individuals from Nigeria, Poland and Israel.

Carlos, who first joined Hellman Electric as an intern nearly 23 years ago, is now the Senior Vice President of Project Management and oversees the Heavy Construction division. In part of the interview, Carlos shares his views on how culture and diversity in America plays a significant role in the country’s growth. 

“The ancestral diversity of the American people makes this a beautifully unique country. Although we are a relatively young nation, we have embraced the values of multiple cultures from around the world to help shape our society and way of life. The foundation of our culture is rooted in the blood, sweat and tears of hard-working families that aspire to improve the quality of life of their children and future generations,” said Carlos.

Carlos also touches upon the pride he has working for the company, his favorite holiday here in America and the importance of building strong relationships in order to succeed.

The Ambassador profile also includes thoughts from Tumbari Akumbe, a Team Leader at Etco Nigeria, Daniel Seta, a Project Manager at Electra M&E Poland, and Yarden Tovim, an Implementation Engineer at Electra Construction.

Read more of Carlos’ interview as well as learn more about the worldwide efforts of the Electra Group here.


Got Power? Jerry Dolak, VP of Power, Sits Down for JSA TV Interview

Hellman Electric is the leading provider of specialty electrical power related services in the tristate area, and the leading choice for all of your major power related project needs. 

Projects such as the New York Aquarium, Pier 55, Manhattan Psychiatric Center, and more, are just some of what Hellman’s well-honed expertise, paired with skilled and trained personnel, have completed. Hellman has also played part in servicing the New York region’s major utilities, including Con Edison, Verizon, Long Island Power Authority, PSE&G and New York Power Authority.

In a recent interview with JSA TV, Jerry Dolak, Vice President of Power, discusses the successes of the team, expertise, upcoming projects, the industry, and more.

“We bring that additional level of technical expertise. We are familiar with the utility requirements and bringing utilities into buildings & infrastructures and the testing & commissioning some of these facilities, gear and equipment as they are installed in infrastructures.”

Dolak goes on to explain,

“The industry as a whole has remained fairly stagnant since the 1900s, but the boom of electronics in the ’80s has played a huge impact in technological advancements for the power division, especially in troubleshooting.”

Dolak, a Manhattan College graduate, brings extensive experience in the design, commissioning, testing and construction of major power and switchgear installations, and low, medium and high voltage major service installations for utilities, commercial, educational, and government installations in the tristate region. From working as a design engineer in a major NYC consulting engineering firm, to previously leading two specialty power and testing companies, Jerry brings practical and detailed hands on experience and expertise, as well as the management and theoretical technical skills to manage, troubleshoot, maintain, and construct complex power related projects. 

Looking ahead, Dolak expects that power distribution’s growth at Hellman will include becoming more involved in the client’s power system as a whole. 

To view the JSA TV interview in its entirety visit here or watch below. 

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Meet Carlos Casal, Senior Vice President

An intricate part of the success of Hellman Electric lies within its leadership. This special blog series offers an up-close look at the five leaders behind this award-winning company.

Carlos Casal began at Hellman Electric as an intern, now years later he leads as the Senior Vice President of Project Management where he oversees the Heavy Construction division. Carlos attributes his success and drive to the intrinsic values instilled by his father followed closely by his desire to succeed and grow on a daily basis. 

It was that drive that allowed him to obtain his degree in Electrical Engineering, with a concentration in Communication Systems. Mr. Casal feels his educational background and his experiences from the NYSDOT ITS program over the years, led him to his current position where he oversees an office staff of 25 professionals coupled with a field team that together, are running $200M of work in the public sector.

“The experience and knowledge I garnered from those projects made me an expert in that space and gave me the confidence I needed to pursue new challenges in security and communications.”

Currently, Casal provides executive oversight of an MTA Design-Build Security project and says the team’s success with this project has been a huge source of motivation.

Casal says the Design-Build industry has opened up new opportunities for Hellman to showcase its talents, strengths, and technical prowess.

“It’s rejuvenated our team of professionals and has presented us all with new challenges and paths for growth in an emerging aspect of our industry.”

Casal takes the stance at Hellman to lead not only by example but also as a team player. He believes in defining roles, managing expectations and guiding his staff to help them meet their full potential. Additionally, Casal has no problem rolling up his sleeves to demonstrate that anything he asks his team to do can be accomplished.

“I often use an educator’s model. I love to teach and prepare my team for the various obstacles one will encounter on their path. Without the team, there is no success. I believe in that ideology through to my core.”

Whether it’s leading multi-million dollar projects at work or coaching his children’s softball and basketball leagues, Casal says he puts his best foot forward in any situation and embraces his role as a leader at Hellman.  

As the old saying goes, the only constant in life is change and working in an industry such as Mr. Casal’s, changes are met at every step along the way. Whether those changes be guidelines, safety measurements, or technological advancements, Casal thrives on the day-to-day challenges. He believes it helps him grow personally and professionally and keeps him excited about the company’s future growth.

“At Hellman Electric, we have the talent, strength, and passion to take on all emerging technologies and I’m ready to lead our team and division into the next generation of construction.”  

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