Safety is the paramount priority for Hellman Electric. The firm surpasses minimum safety training requirements by providing employees with additional key industry-specific safety training to ensure that each professional maintains the safest job sites possible and avoids workplace accidents.

Site Safety Director. The firm has a full-time Director of Safety on staff who oversees training and safety protocol on every worksite. Hellman Electric will also source out safety services as needed so there is never a moment safety issues are ignored. Every project is assigned a Site Safety Manager responsible for daily monitoring and management of employee activities relative to safety and coordination of all safety activities including inspections.

A Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) or Safe Work Plan (SWP) is developed for each task to prevent and/or mitigate the risk of injuries and incidents. Upon completion of each JHA/SWP, the actions necessary to reduce and or eliminate the hazards is communicated to all employees. Every plan that is implemented is continually monitored to assess its efficacy with the intent of revising the course-of-action if needed. The Safety Director emails weekly safety bulletins reinforcing the company’s safety policies and providing tips and examples of proper safety behavior.

Employee Safety Training. Hellman Electric provides safety training to all employees. Training starts with site orientations and daily job box talks that every foreman is responsible for having prior to beginning each day’s work tasks. Training includes proper use of equipment, vehicle/truck use, proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Fall Protection Safety Systems, including ladders, aerial lifts and scaffolding. Environmental considerations are promulgated relative to waste, product Safety Data Sheets (SDS), pollution, noise and hazardous materials. Defibulator use and CPR training is promoted, and training is available through the company. Hellman Electric has a zero tolerance for substance abuse and improper behavior. Additionally, new hires are provided an orientation packet outlining Hellman’s safety policy and equipment use explanations.