Datacom/Fiber Optic Infrastructure


Hellman Datacom is experienced in all fiber placing from the largest count 864 fibers to the smallest single strand fiber counts. Whether it is ribbon cable or loose tube, Hellman Datacom uses the latest placing techniques to insure the least amount of stress to the cables during the placing process using Air Blown cable placing equipment if necessary. On the Aerial placing side, Hellman Datacom’s trained technicians have all the cababilities to overlash or place ADSS fiber where dielectric installation is needed.


Hellman Datacom utilizes the latest fusion splicing and testing equipment in today’s fiber environment. Our fiber optic splicers utilize and are trained on GN NetTest, EXFO, IOLM testing and all cable of analyzing trace results to quickly determine any possible problems in the network. We are trained to test on all standard wavelengths to include 1310, 1550 and 1625.